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This is NAMCO!

This is NAMCO!(APCG-4006) is an arranged album by Kenichiro Isoda & Kenichi Mitsuda. It was available in CD/Cassette formats and was released in September of 1990. The tracks cover early NAMCO titles such as: Pac-Man, Galaga, Mappy, Dragon Spirit, Xevious, Yokai Dochuki, Rolling Thunder, Thunder Ceptor, The Return of Ishtar & Assault. Unfortunately, this album has been out-of-print for many years now. If you're searching for a copy, you can still find a used copy on either ebay or Discogs from time to time—as I was able to track one down that way. As far as arrangement albums go, this is certainly easy to listen to. The style ranges from Synth-Rock — DRAGON SPIRIT. Classic Jazz — ONE O'CLOCK GALAGA '88. Piano Solo — MAPPY'S LULLABY and more. Even if you aren't necessarily familiar with these games and their original motifs, the arrangement's are enjoyable to listen through. You'll find This is NAMCO! uploaded in both FLAC and MP3 in our Archives.

I also want to add, we apologize for the lack of uploads and content lately. It has been very busy during the Holidays with a lot going on but we are still planning to upload our 2020 Original Game Score of the Year sometime in the not-so-distant future; as well as albums uploads and a few other video projects in the works So, be sure to check back on our updates page for more information. Thanks!



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