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Super Sanctum TD Soundtrack

Super Sanctum TD was released on May 9, 2013 for Windows PC. It's created by Coffee Stain Studios and is a tower defense spin off of their well received Sanctum games. I'm a big fan of both Sanctum games, having over 30 hours clocked into both Sanctum and Sanctum 2, I knew I'd enjoy Super Sanctum TD once I came across it on Steam. It's a traditional tower defense game with simple retro style graphics with an isometric view. It contains most, if not all of the enemies found in both Sanctum games as well as new towers. What adds another element of strategy to Super Sanctum TD, unlike other tower defense games I've played is the use of skills. There are 17 different skills, such as: bombs, teleport, freeze, reverse time, thunderbolt and mines just to name a few. What I like about the inclusion of skills is that it would be difficult to defeat the bosses—especially the later ones—on the final phase without them, making them a necessary part of your arsenal when planning out your attack. That way, you cannot just setup a few high attack towers and leave the game on autopilot until each waves passes by(which is the case in some traditional TD games). You need to keep an eye on what's approaching and apply those skills accordingly. The goal is still the same as the main Sanctum games and that is to prevent the enemies from reaching the power core. After the first few levels, you are then able to use the building blocks to redirect the enemies down a different path to slow them down. I had fun with the game and still have a few achievements to clean up so I'll be knocking those out shortly.

The soundtrack is composed by GSTF(Gustaf Tivander) according to the game files and contains five original tracks, as well as a handful of tracks from both Sanctum and Sanctum 2. I did not include these tracks because Coffee Stain Studios has them available to purchase online. The reason they're in the game is because you have the option to change the music playing from the original tracks to tracks from both Sanctum games. I also included the four fanfare jingles, they were in mono but I converted them to stereo. The Super Sanctum TD Soundtrack is uploaded in both FLAC and MP3.

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