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Crash Twinsanity Soundtrack

Crash Twinsanity was created in September of 2004 by Traveller's Tales Oxford Studio and published by the now dissolved Vivendi Universal Games. The soundtrack's composed by a capella group called Spiralmouth. To be honest, when I first discovered that the entire score was a capella, I had concerns that the hearing close to fifty a capella based track would get old fast - Well, I was wrong. Each track has a different style and approach to keep the soundtrack fresh and enjoyable. From the fast-paced and energetic boss battle themes to the down-tempo environmental ballads, Spiralmouth delivers surprise after surprise in this soundtrack.

This project gave me a little trouble at first because while I was able to extract the music and ambience quite easily from the MUSIC.MB and AMERICAN.MB files, I was wondering why every track sounded sped-up. I then found that the PS2 music files(not sure if this applies in every case) need to be extracted at 3200hz, 32-bit float; this doesn't apply to the cutscenes. After that, I began the process of organizing the tracks. I did this by actually playing through the game—which I did not expect to do. It's not a a long game and It's really not bad game either. The jumping or platforming feels accurate to other crash games(still a little floaty for my taste) but one thing that surprised me is the humor in the game. I knew there would be attempts at humor being a Crash game but the game got me to chuckle. I think the last cartoonish game to do that was probably Conker's Bad Fur Day(Team Fortress would be another example). Which had me thinking that we need more games that try to get us to laugh. Not obnoxious crude humor but creative attempts at humor that could appeal to anyone.

I blended together a couple of the FMV cutscene tracks that were separate files because you hear them consecutively in-game. Plus, I think it aids the soundtrack structure to have a slightly longer cutscene track than multiple 15-20 second tracks one after the other. They were the old Spiralmouth Master tracks that used have been available from online archives for over a decade. Another addition was that for one of the tracks I used the official soundtrack release that used to available for download years ago but was since taken down instead of from the game files because it has a cleaner sound to it. We didn't include both because we like to avoid redundant track in our uploads. I titled the tracks according to their location when they play but for the cutscenes, I labeled them according to dialog said during that scene, such as: Back in your Cage! or It's.. Probably for You. It makes it easier to identify where the scene is in-game and gives the track a creative title. . Overall, we came away with 48 tracks. You'll find the Crash Twinsanity Soundtrack in both FLAC and MP3 in the archive. Enjoy!

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