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It's been quite a while since we've uploaded one of our custom video game music playlists—the last being our Halloween Playlist Vol. 3 from 2019 . So, here we go!(that was said in Mario's voice). This will certainly go down as one of the more obscure compilations we put together but nevertheless, we wanted to do it. You may be asking.. But why Game Over Themes? Well, we just wanted to do it. There's really no reason other than, we thought it'd be fun to upload.

We actually have a few more.. odd playlist ideas that would be fun to do but right now we've been working on the 2020 Original Game Score of the Year so, they will have to wait.

Of course we've included Mega Man, Super Mario, Castlevania and Zelda but we also spent time searching to include lesser known titles with some pretty catchy Game Over Themes we think everybody will enjoy. It clocks at just over an hour and each track includes the title screen to the game or the game over screen.

Let us know what you think, what other playlist would you like to see?



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