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Summer Playlist

Hello all. Yes, It may be the official last day of summer but if you're just not ready to move onto the next season quite yet, then... Perhaps you should see a doctor. Kidding. It was 63 degrees here today and after having a taste of this wonderful cool temperature, I'm 100% ready for the fall season. But I know plenty of you out there live for the warm weather so, allow me to introduce our very first Summer Playlist! We uploaded this to our YouTube Channel the other week but I wanted to post an update here on the website for those who don't follow us on YouTube. Which reminds me... Follow us on YouTube! We don't upload often but it's a good way to keep up with our Video Game Music Awards and our other projects. We're on Rumble and Odyssey as well but It'll take some time to transfer over the rest of our videos.

This is the most work we've put into a playlist in some time. A full 3D introduction, decorative summer foreground, carefully curated cheery tracks that radiate those summer vibes, each track is accompanied by captured gameplay from the game the music was written for, and the Vol.1 Playlist tops out at about an hour and ten minutes long.

As we've stated in previous posts, the reason we take the time to put together video game music playlists like this one, is to provide a way to(hopefully) make video game music more easily discoverable. By selecting music of a similar genre or style and creating a playlist theme that we think you may be interested in. We have a plethora of these projects that we've jotted down over the years but as you've probably expect me to say: It's all about finding time to do them. For now. Hope you all had a great summer in '21 and don't look now but, here come the holidays!



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