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Happy Fourth of July! Year Eight!

Hello everybody! I hope you all had a fun and restful July fourth weekend with your friends and family. Ours involved plenty of smoked meat, sweet treats, outdoor games and of course some competitive video games. I picked up The Jackbox Party 8 and most of the games were enjoyable. These games are generally more about the interaction and experience than play-ability. That being said, you want the games to at least keep your interest. The Job Job and Poll Mine were the most entertaining for the group we had but Drawful Animate wasn't bad and Weapons Drawn was alright but it had a bit too many layers for everyone playing. I think the simpler the better but I'll have to give that one another try some time. I also finally had the chance to try Mario Party Superstars for the first time and I think It's great. I wished for years Nintendo would put together a HD Remake of the older Mario Party games and this was a step in the right direction overall for the series(so glad that car is gone). The only issue I had with the game was five boards is too few. I'm hoping future DLC's will add not just the boards from the consoles but the mobile installments as well—money waiting to be made Nintendo...

As for the website. We are onto year eight here on and while there's much more I'd like to accomplish; and hopefully will over time; we're most proud of our annual Video Game Music Awards. As we mention each year, it take a lot of time and effort to put together those videos and it means a lot to hear that you've discovered a new soundtrack that's quickly becoming your favorite, or perhaps draw your attention to a game that you've never heard of before. One thing we do that I like that is we treat Triple-A titles on equal footing as Indies and that's never changed since we started. If you look at our winners through the years, it's quite the assortment of titles and musical genres. We still have our upload projects in progress and sometimes we just can't get to some of the requests, for that I apologize! Just not enough time in the day and if the soundtrack is encrypted, it can turn into a tedious pursuit of trial and error. We will keep chipping away at those requests though as time permits. We also have a number of curated Video Game Music Playlists uploaded to our YouTube Channel. Everything from Holiday specific tunes to genre specific. Some very good tracks on there so, be sure to check those our as well.

We were asked about account creation and unfortunately, we were recently hit with bot-attacks. So new accounts had to be disabled for a couple months but I'm glad to say—fingers crossed—that seems to be rectified. You can create an account and post in our forms. Feel free to post anything video game related or make a music request or contribution while you're there.

Hope you are all enjoying the site!



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