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Horizon Forbidden West trailer music

If you caught the Horizon Forbidden West reveal trailer a couple of weeks ago during the Sony PS5 Event Online, you were treated to a wonderful orchestral track composed by longtime composer Joris de Man(Killzone, Velocity, N+). The track is called "Promise of the West" and is now available to stream online. The vocals are performed by Julie Elven, known for her work on popular titles such as: World of Warcraft, League of Legends and Horizon Zero Dawn. I cannot wait to dive into the entire score once It's released later this year. The music of Horizon Zero Dawn was one of my absolute favorites from 2017 and I still listen through it today(I also own it vinyl).

Here's the tweet Guerrilla Games put out earlier above and below is the video link to the song but it is available on other streaming services as well. Enjoy the music!

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