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Spawn: In The Demon's Hand Original Soundtrack

Spawn_In The Demon's Hand Original Soundtrack was created by CAPCOM for the Dreamcast in August of 2000 and Arcade in 1999. The soundtrack is composed by Yuki Iwai, Takayuki Iwai & Isao Abe. Known for their work on Street Fighter, X-Men and Viewtiful Joe.

To be honest, the soundtrack is quite mediocre. I've only listened through it once so far. It a rock-centered album dubbed with punchy power chords and over processed distortions, which in combination with the lower quality recording gives the score an artificial sound. Spawn is a constantly moving action game, which warrants an aggressive tone but there is virtually no change of pace, no down-time, no breather and that pattern becomes quite stale as the album wears on. I'm going to listen through it a second time to see if anything in particular stand out to me but with a multitude of other scores to listen through, that'll probably be down the road a bit. I can see it being enjoyed more as a nostalgia trip(nothing wrong with that) more than anything else. If Spawn: In the Demon's Hand is a game you have fond memories of growing up and were hoping to track down the soundtrack, here you are!

I never really got into the game much back in the day, I remember playing it for a short time at a friends house(we all had that one friend with a Dreamcast right?) but not much since then. To get a taste of the music before I uploaded the soundtrack, I watched a few minutes of a playthrough online and.. well, it definitely seems aged. Heh, but it is out-of-print and very difficult—not to mention expensive—to obtain so of course we have to load it to our archives here in case somebody is trying to find it.

Spawn: In The Demon's Hand Original Soundtrack is uploaded in both FLAC and MP3.

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