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2019 Original Game Score of the Year

A bit later than expected but I'm glad to say that our 2019 Original Game Score of the Year Award Video is now completed and uploaded! As most of you that have been visiting this site for the past couple years know, we traditionally have our annual music awards uploaded by February the following year but there were.. unforeseen circumstances that I don't think any of us could have anticipated. It inevitably caused our final award video to be pushed back a few weeks but the hours and hours of work is finished. We put a lot of time into these awards(between reviewing, capturing, editing—my gosh, the editing—music, voice recordings and syncing) and we hope that reflects our appreciation of the artists and the video game music they continue to write. I remember back in 2013 when we first created this website(it went live in 2014) one of the driving factors was that I felt there was a fairly large portion of Video Game Music that was not being considered for awards by most Video Game Media Outlets. Big budget titles have the luxury of being heard through extensive marketing and online streamers, but most smaller studios are not always so fortunate. Which is why I take great pride in our award videos each year. We treat all video game soundtracks equally; if it's written with love, compliments the world it was made for and is a joy to listen though.. We place it on our list of potential nominees.. In addition to our nominations, we continue our practice of previewing a few music samples (45 seconds to a minute long) that coincide with the gameplay clips we've recorded, as well as track titles, artist's names and game titles. In hopes that we might catch your interest in these fantastic games. Buy them, just go buy all of them.

We'll update our Video Game Awards page after a week or so, to not spoil our reveals as you watch the videos we uploaded for 2019. I also wanted to give a nod to the games that didn't make our lists this year, I wish I could make award for ever musical genre there is! It's a vast understatement to say that there were many great tracks and albums that we wanted to give recognition to but couldn't do to time constraints. It speaks volumes of the amazing work that these artists put into video game music each year and I for one, am forever grateful for the memories and time spent in those fantasy worlds and the music that accompanies them.

Hope you enjoy our awards. Once again congratulations to the nominees and winners. We'll see you next year!

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