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2020 Vocal Track of the Year

Hello all! Our third Video Game Music Award--Vocal Track of the Year--is now uploaded on our YouTube Channel, as well as our Instrumental Track of the Year Video from the previous week. Sure, I could just spoil the nominees and winners for you but, where's the fun in that? These are some of the best tracks the video game world has to offer and our hope is that you'll discover new music, composers and musicians to add to your Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp or whichever service you currently use for your playlists.

Next up is my favorite category... Rock Track of the Year! Follow by Orchestral Track of the Year and lastly, our choice for the 2020 Original Game Score of the Year. The nominees we chose for this years OGSotY are not too surprising(although, two titles flew under the radar last year) but were sure you'll enjoy our selections. Make sure to like, subscribe and check our YouTube Channel weekly for the remaining three award videos and future content including top countdown lists!

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