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2020 Original Game Score of the Year

Hello Video Game Music Artists!

Just a quick heads up that the cut-off for our annual Original Game Score of the Year Awards is this weekend! As I mention every year, we try to listen through every Video Game Soundtrack we can possible find. We sift through: Steam, PSN, Xbox and Switch Online shops. Unfortunately—given the vast amount of releases these days—we typically find out the following year that there was a particular track or score that we overlooked; it makes us sad :(

I know, it sounds obsessive but we're perfectionist here at VideoGameScores. We keep notes throughout the year, every year for each of our categories in hopes of giving Video Game Music and it's composers, arrangers, musicians, vocalist, ect. The recognition they deserve. The big-budget AAA titles have no trouble finding an audience and while there are a number of memorable scores each year from larger studios, the smaller independent studios typically don't have the same reach to the public and music fans in particular. Which is why; if you're an indie composer; we hope you will let us know of your work so that we can incorporate you into our humble annual awards dedicated to video game scores. Your work is eligible if the release date was from October 17, 2019 - October 18, 2020.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!



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