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Spryo: A Hero's Tail

Spyro: A Hero's Tail was released for PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox in November of 2004. It was developed by Eurocom Entertainment Software and the soundtrack is composed by Steve Duckworth & Paul Lawler. We've been receiving requests for this soundtrack for some time now and I always see comments online mentioning the quality of the music, so I'm glad we're finally able to upload it.

First, I obtained the MIB and PSS audio files by extracting them from the FILELIST file inside the DATA folder of my ISO Image. Not having done many PS2 game projects yet, I found that the audio—much like Crash Twinsanity—plays mostly at 32KHz Stereo. Then I was able to convert them all to wav files. I used the FILELIST Text Document to get a rough description of the files but as always, I either playthrough the game or use a walkthrough to determine the point the tracks are played—we want our uploads to be as precise as possible. There were a few that, at first, I assumed were duplicates but analyzing them in Audacity showed slight differences. For example, the Defeat Themes(Red Defeated, Ineptune Defeated, Gnasty Defeated). We like to avoid redundant tracks, so we check the files closely to make sure we don't include any. There were only eight files I found that are exactly the same: FILELIST_17cc5800, FILELIST_184f7800, FILELIST_1750f000 & FILELIST_1807f800 Victory Jingles, FILELIST_17c9e800, FILELIST_174e8000, FILELIST_184d0800 & FILELIST_18058800 Failure Jingles. We only included one of each. The "Dark Games" track was made up of four separate tracks in mono that I placed together and converted them to stereo. I also placed the short cues and jingles at the end of the soundtrack as we always do. Unlike the past couple music projects, I only looped the music tracks once this time but I delayed the fade-out until 10-20 seconds after the loop to give a little more playtime. The tracks are fairly long after the first loop, so I just thought that the tracks seemed a little long clocked between 4:30-6:00 minutes long if double-looped. If you have requests for a specific track that you want extended, we'll try to honor it and upload it to our YouTube Channel.

We were told about the Spyro/Crash Twinsanity Demo disc from E3 of 2004 that has a completely different soundtrack and apparently a different composer. We'll keep an eye out for that and when we catch one at a decent price we'll try to pick up a copy. Spyro: A Hero's Tail Soundtrack is uploaded in both FLAC and MP3. Enjoy!

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