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One of the most beloved gaming series of all time is now in concert. Produced by Kyodo Tokyo and conducted by Australian Composer Nicholas Buc, METAL GEAR in CONCERT covers a number of popular tracks from series installments: METAL GEAR SOLID, METAL GEAR SOLID II, METAL GEAR SOLID III, METAL GEAR SOLID IV, METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER and finally METAL GEAR SOLID V. For fans of the series, you will instantly recognize the name Donna Burke, who will perform vocals for a number of pieces such as "Snake Eater," "The Best is Yet to Come," & "Heavens Divide."

Of course, the concert will feature all of the eye candy we've come to expect from video game concerts. The HD video projection will feature video game footage to accompany the track being performed. You can find more information regarding the show here.

Tickets are available at for the two remaining shows in New York on March 23 at the United Palace and in Los Angeles on April 6 at the Willshire Ebell Theatre. I hope the show is successful and attracts plenty of music lovers and fans of the series because we will not be able to attend this time around—unfortunately—but very much look forward to reviewing the concert if the tour continues in the future. Here is the show's program listed below.

StartFragment Metal Gear Solid I VR Training Intruder 1 Mantis' Hymn Hind D Escape End Title -The Best is Yet to Come < Metal Gear Solid II> Opening Infiltration Olga Gurlukovich RAY Escapes Fortune It's the Harrier! Battle Freedom to Decide Metal Gear Solid III “METAL GEAR SOLID” Main Theme Across The Border The Pain Fortress sneaking Sidecar -Escape From The Fortress- Takin’On The Shagohod Troops In Gathering Life’s End Debriefing < Metal Gear Solid IV> Old Snake Gekko Mobs Alive Guns of the Patriots Everything Ends Father and Son Metal Gear Saga Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Rain of Bane Marshland PUPA Uninterrupted Signal METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER Mai Deterrence of Love Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes Bloodstained Anthem The Fall of Mother Base V Has Come To Shining Lights, Even in Death Sahelanthropus Dominion Sins of the Father Singer Donna Burke will also perform “Snake Eater” and “Heavens Divide”! EndFragment

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