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2018 Original Game Score of the Year

We finish off our week-long Video Game Music Award uploads with our selection for the 2018 Original Game Score of the Year. This year had many fantastic original scores from the video game world and as I've mentioned before, choosing the nominees—let alone the winner—is never easy an task. Over the course of the year, with each soundtrack release and numerous plays of each score, minds are changed and the nominees are changed. We review them, discuss their compositions and compare them. There are many determining factors for choosing our nominees, everything from diversity and performance to how well does this score compliment the game it's written for, without becoming a distraction? After many discussions, we came away with the nominees and winner for our 2018 Original Game Score of the Year you'll find in our video below. See our Music Awards tab in the coming week for an updated page with our awards listed. We hope you enjoy.

Congratulations to the composers, arrangers, vocals, musicians and games chosen this year. You continue to propel the video game industry forward with the music you both write and perform. We hope we gave you the proper recognition you deserve and look forward to see what's next.

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