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Halloween Music

October is finally here. The leaves are beginning to fall, the weather's getting cooler and Harvest decor is popping up around the neighborhood. It's a great time to play a few horror games in between the horror movies you'll undoubtebly watch but It's also a great time to appreciate some of the Halloween Themed Video Game Music out there. While we don't have a new playlist for this year, we do have both Volume One and Volume Two of our Halloween Playlists on our Youtube Channel. We personally choose each track and rather than generally moody atmospheric music, we only included purely Halloween focused tracks for a more casual listening experience. The first Volume is rather short, it consists of only five tracks and clocks at 14 minutes because back when we created the video, we recorded and edited HD gameplay to go along with every track (which.. was time consuming). For the second Volume, we threw in the proverbial kitchen sink. It consists of 23 tracks and clocks at an hour and five minutes. Unlike the first volume, we only included a handful of video clips this time. We opted for screenshots of each game the music is from instead, it saved time and compliments the music just as well. We've also added a customized Halloween Themed Overlay, including proper game and track titles to add to the spooky ambience. Our goal with any playlist we create is to aid others in their search for video game music, so hopefully you find a few tracks to add to your own collection. They're great as background themes for Halloween parties as well.. Enjoy!



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