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Tropical Playlist Vol. 1

It's summer time, It's hot outside, want to know a good way to beat the heat?.. Listen through the first Volume of our Tropical Playlist! Alright.. it may not alleviate sweltering heat but it does contain over an hour worth of enjoyable Beach/Tropical Themes from popular series such as: Tales of Berseria, Mario Kart, SONIC BOOM-Fire & Ice, Katamari Damacy, Super Adventure Island II and many more. Like all of our uploads, the video also includes the correct titles so you know which track is currently playing and simple summer graphics to give you that beach vibe while you listen.

We have plenty more playlists we're working on of all varieties, as well as complete album uploads from projects we've finished here on our site and of course, our Original Game Score of the Year Awards. Be sure to subscribe on our Youtube Channel to be notified when our uploads go live. Enjoy the music.

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