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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was released for the Nintendo Wii U in November of 2014. The soundtrack is composed by Mahito Yokota & Naoto Kubo. It's the second game to feature Toad as the main protagonist—the first being Wario's Woods for the SNES. I thought It was an appropriate time to upload this project considering Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has just been re-released for the Nintendo Switch and I'm sure many listeners will be searching for the music after playing through the game.

The vast majority of the music was stored in the stream folder under SoundData but the fanfares jingles along with the "Opening Theme" and the "Super Pick Axe" music were in the SARC files BgmResourcesStd1 and BgmResourceStd2. I did sift through a handful of the sound effect files in the SeResouce.SARC while I was at it but there isn't much in terms of music there. As most of you know, we do not include sound effects in our uploads but I did included a few of the short jingles I found in there.

Overall, we came away with 77-tracks. Some tracks are very similar but have minor differences, such as the Opening Demo for Toad and Toadette's Stories. Toad's has a slighter longer fanfare at the end where as Toadette's just fades out. There were two Maneck01 tracks that were identical with the only difference being one had a higher decibel than the other and there was a short version of both Battle Tower Blitz and Mummy-Me Maze . In each case, I only kept one track to reduce redundancy. There are a couple tracks that use multiple channels, for instance, the Beach Theme becomes muffled and changes once you go underwater in the game. In these cases, I included both the Above Water and Under Water themes but as a bonus, I blended them both together as an Alternative track. I did this for a handful of tracks and placed them at the end of the soundtrack after the finale. As for the Mummy-Me Maze Forever, rather than having 5 different tracks for each floor, I blended all five together as they sound on the 40th floor and made an Alternative track as well.

The tracks are labeled according to the level that they're first heard, with the filename of the track in parentheses. An example "Plucky Pass Beginnings (Grass)" because you first hear the track played during Plucky Pass Beginnings but you also here it during the various Grass levels in the game. For the tracks that are not played on multiple levels throughout the game, they are labeled without the filename in parentheses, such as Book Menu or Staff Roll.

The Soundtrack for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is uploaded in MP3 and FLAC. Enjoy!

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