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Happy Fourth of July! Year Four.

Hey guys. Didn't have the chance to post this yesterday since we were busy with friends and family but Happy Fourth of July to everyone in the States and here's to our fourth year at Video Game Scores. The site went live in July of 2014 and ever since we've been doing our best—with the limited time we have—to bring the world of Video Game Music to as many people as we can. Through our Video Game Soundtrack Playlists, YouTube Videos, Concert Reviews and of course our Original Game Score of the Year Awards. Like you, we love Video Game Music and continue to wish the absolute best to the talented composers, musicians and vocalists out there that bring us those memorable tunes year after year. We also continue our quest to preserve unreleased and out-of-print Video Game Soundtracks, It's important for preservation and educational purposes that we store those Soundtracks in the highest quality available. Each year we hear from music teachers that are so grateful to find a certain track in decent quality that they've been searching for to use in the classroom, that makes us very proud to hear.

As always, It's great to hear from all of you that enjoy the many hours of hard work put into each of these projects we upload to our site and we hope you continue to stick around. Here's to another year!

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