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SUPER MARIO WORLD(Catalog# WPCL-233~4) was released on February 25, 1991. It's a two-disc soundtrack and the second disc contains the Official Soundtrack for Super Mario World but in addition, it also contains the soundtracks to both the original Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3. It doesn't include the music to Super Mario Bros 2(aside from the Ending Theme). I assume the reason being that Super Mario Bros 2 does not have it's own original music, it's uses the Doki Doki Panic soundtrack. SUPER MARIO WORLD also includes the Mario Name Entry track from Vs. Super Mario Bros as well as 23 extra sound effects across all of the entries. The real treat is the first disc, it includes arranged versions of tracks from Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World. These tracks are arranged by Soichi Noriki with original composition going to Koji Kondo. The arrangements are really quiet enjoyable, most of the tracks encompass a slow-tempo somber jazz that makes for easy listening. I'd certainly recommend giving the arranged tracks a listen—especially if you enjoy relaxing jazz—everything from the guitar to the sax is skillfully played and it really shines through on each of these tracks.

I've been hunting for a copy of SUPER MARIO WORLD for some time now and finally caught it at a decent price(under $180) so jumped at the chance to pick it up. If you're a collector and want a copy, they've been going for $180-225 from what I've seen so be prepared to fork out some dough. If not, our copy is uploaded in both FLAC and MP3. You'll find it in our archive.

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