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Metroid: Samus Returns - Samus Archives Sound Selection

Metroid: Samus Returns was released in September of last year for the Nintendo 3DS and is a reimagining of the 1991 Gameboy exclusive Metroid II: Return of Samus. The Special Edition of the game comes with the SAMUS ARCHIVES SOUND SELECTION which contains various tracks all across the Metroid series from the first Metroid for the NES to Other M for the Wii. The CD only contains five tracks from Metroid: Samus Returns and since there hasn't been an official score released for a Metroid game since the first Metroid Prime and Fusion, I'm doubtful that we'll see a soundtrack released anytime soon. It'll have to hold you over until we can get around to extracting the music files and uploading it ourselves. Even if you've played through the original Metroid II, I'd recommend to any Metroid fan, pick this up if you own a 3DS. The visuals, music and controls have the Nintendo polish you'd expect and there some new additions compared to the original Samus II such as: Counterattacks, The ability to freely aim at any angle by using the shoulder buttons and Teleports(thank God) to prevent excessive backtracking. I had a great time playing through the game and now I cannot wait until Metroid Prime 4 is released. The Soundtrack is going for about $15 on ebay if you want a physical copy. Our copy of METROID: SAMUS RETURNS - ARCHIVES SOUND SELECTION is uploaded in both FLAC and MP3, you'll find it in the archive.

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