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The After Burner/SEGA S.S.T Band album was made by Pony Canyon, published by Scitron and released back in June 21, 1990. It contains six original tracks from After Burner II for the Genesis that are slightly remastered, along with two arranged tracks that are written by the SEGA Sound Team(S.S.T.)—with Hiroshi Kawaguchi(the composer of After Burner II) playing the keyboard. It's been out-of-print for some time but here-and-there, you can still find used copies floating around ebay.

The remastered tracks are not all that different from the original, I would simply describe them as cleaner and more equalized. For instance, with original "FINAL TAKE OFF" from After Burner II the synthesizer is buried in the background of the bass progression and upon casually listening, you can just barely recognize it. With the remastered version of "FINAL TAKE OFF" the sound effects are more leveled, so the synth sound can easily be heard and the same goes for the rest of the original tracks on the album. The two arranged tracks certainly have a late 80's/early 90's feel to them - with the guitars working power chords, synth rhythms and the orch punches.

S.S.T. put together some catchy remixes here. The final track on the album is a collection of sound effects from After Burner II(SE COLLECTION) such as voice commands and the plane taking off and landing. I'd say, it's about time for SEGA to release an upscaled or remastered versions for PC and current gen systems.

The After Burner/SEGA S.S.T. Band soundtrack is uploaded in both MP3 and FLAC. Enjoy!

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