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Super Mario All-Stars Soundtrack

Super Mario All-Stars was released in July of 1993 for the Super Nintendo System and the soundtrack was composed and arranged by Soyo Oka—with most of the original composition credit going to Koji Kondo. The score for the game is essentially an enhanced version of the source material from the original Super Mario Bros. games, with some additions that were not in the original games such as the "Bowser" and "Last Battle" themes for Super Mario Bros. and "Princess Toadstool's Message" and "Bowser's Message" for Super Mario Bros. 3 for example. I'm not sure if I enjoy all of the enhanced versions more than the originals but there are a handful of tracks that I prefer over the originals.

I placed the tracks in the order that you hear them in-game—with the exception of the fanfare cues, which I placed at the end of each score—and I titled the tracks beginning with the game they're from(i.e. Super Mario Bros. 2 - Wart, Super Mario Bros. 3 - Fortress), to simplify identification. There were some duplicate tracks, such as the "Invincibility Themes" for all three games, which are identical to one another so only one of those were included. I noticed that The Lost Levels Ending track and the Super Mario Bros. Ending track do sound pretty much the same but at 40 seconds in on The Lost Levels Ending the pitch deviates from the SMB version. I looped each track at least one but there are some very short tracks that repeat just 15-20 seconds in and in that case, I looped those tracks a couple times to stretch the length to just about a minute long.

So, there we have it. Super Mario All-Stars Soundtrack includes 95-tracks. Both the FLAC and MP3 versions are uploaded in the archive.

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