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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords was released on December 6th of 2004 and the score is composed by Mark Griskey. The soundtrack was originally very low quality, it was recorded in mono(not stereo) at 10kHz. Thankfully, Obsidian released a patch upgrading the music to stereo quality but the bitrate of the files themselves are still capped at 128kbps. So, we took great care in improving the sound quality and performing the usual looping(where necessary), fade-out and so on. I've listened to quite a few different game extractions on YouTube and I'm humbled to say, I think we have the best quality out there for this one.

There were still some tracks that were in Mono, so I had to convert them to Stereo(such as M4-78 Version 2, Cantina Bar Beat, and Cantina Jazz) and those tracks—even though they sound much improved from the source—don't have the crispness that the rest of the tracks have.

Instead of placing the tracks in the order they are heard in-game like we usually do, we decided to place them in the order they appear in the music menu of KOTOR II and use those titles for the according tracks for more official titles. With the exception of Trayus Core, Polar Plateau and the M4-78 tracks; since they do not appear in the music menu of the game.

There were also a fair amount of redundant tracks such as mus_s_darkside and mus_s_kreiaevil—with the latter in mono instead of stereo. So, we obviously left the lower quality versions out of the score.

I didn't bother with the .bnk cutscene files because there are too many sound effects scattered throughout but the short cues at the end of the soundtrack are heard during the cutscenes(68-Miscellaneous is used in the movie file KhoMov04, mus_sbat_900 is heard in movie file KhoMov03 and so on). as well as other moments in the game.

There are a lot of ambient tracks in the games files as well but I only included two, the Dantooine and Ebon Hawk Ambience tracks. There's no reason I picked these tracks but I figured I'd pick at least two ambient tracks. I didn't want to include all of them since there's no music played, it's just birds chirping, wind blowing, ect. I didn't include sound effects either because I wanted the focus to be on the music.

Lastly, there are some songs included that go unused in-game. Such as mus_a_800b which was going to be used for the droid planet M4-78—one of the reasons it was cut from the game was that Lucasarts wanted the game released by Christmas of 2004 and so Obsidian had to cut it from the game to make that date work.

And that's about it. We have a couple other projects in the works so we'll be uploading them as soon as they're ready. You'll find Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords Soundtrack in the archive.

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