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Sonic 3D Blast

Sonic 3D Blast was released in 1996 for the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive system and the Sega Saturn. The music is composed by Jun Senoue, Richard Jacque & Seirou Okamoto. I've always had mixed feelings about the game; even when I was younger. It depends on who you talk to but the isometric gameplay isn't for everyone. It's quite a departure from the fast-paced side-scoller everyone was accustomed to. That being said, the visuals were impressive at the time(reminds me of Mario RPG's graphics) and the music was catchy and melodic.

I included three unused themes in the soundtrack. The Unused Boss Themes 819 and 825 are virtually identical with the exception of kettledrums in the 825 version. I haven't spent much time reading about it why they weren't included but as far as I'm aware it basically comes down to the numbers representing the beta versions of Sonic 3D Blast that were released and the with the chipset of the console. I did read that one reason that the tracks went unused was because of lag that would occur if played on the Mega Drive(Genesis) compared to the Wondermega console. Not sure if that's completely true or not but I figured I'd put it out there. So, the unused boss theme went unused up until Sonic 4: Episode 1 was released in 2010 and then it was used as the "Boss Themes" in the game. I also labeled Panic Puppet Zone as "Introduction/Panic Puppet Zone: Act 1" since you here the song during the opening movie before you begin the Green Grove stage.

And that's about it, I looped each track twice and added fade out on the third play as we've been doing with recent uploads. The Saturn version soundtrack should be added soon as well. You'll find the Sonic 3D Blast Soundtrack in the archive.

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