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FINAL FANTASY XV Live at Abbey Road Studios

The music of Final Fantasy XV was just played live at the famous Abby Road Studios! I missed it live but just got finished watching on YouTube and my God, the performance is just beautiful. Like many of you, I've been following FFXV for.. well, ten years since it was announce. And I've gotten to know a number of these music pieces quite well from the large number of trailers released over the years as well as the demos. So, hearing the music performed live flawlessly by the London Philharmonic Orchestra is a real treat. Especially since—like many of you—I've been wanted to get my hands on FFXV's original score for years now and it's almost unreal to think that some of these fantastic pieces are a number of years old now and we still haven't yet had the chance to enjoy them in-game! That day is coming though.. Soon, I hope. In the video, you also here from the iconic composer herself Yoko Shimomura as she leads some insight of the score and what her experience has been over the years with video games and as a young girl how she never thought she'd be composing music for a Final Fantasy game. They also reveal a new song for the first time called "Noctis."

Here the description from the video..

"Join us on 7th September, 2016 at 19:00 BST for an exclusive live performance of songs from the FINAL FANTASY XV soundtrack performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra featuring an appearance from FINAL FANTASY XV composer, Yoko Shimomura." "The latest installment in the classic series, FINAL FANTASY XV is set in an enthralling world where fantasy meets reality. Players will embark on an adventure like no other. With a captivating cast of characters, breath-taking visuals, open world exploration and thrilling action-packed real time combat, FINAL FANTASY XV is the ultimate FINAL FANTASY experience for both newcomers to the series and series fans alike."

Watch the video already. Even if you're not the most avid FINAL FANTASY fan, It's simply great music and I will say that I wish that more Video Game Studios try to showcase their music more like this in the future.

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