Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Alrighty, we finally have all of the Metroid Prime soundtracks uploaded. While It's probably my least favorite game in the Prime series(It's still a great game), I actually think it has the strongest soundtrack believe it or not. Of course, the first Metroid Prime has one of my favorite Metroid tracks"Ice Valley(Phendrana Drifts)" and Metroid Prime 3 has some memorable tracks I enjoy as well "Bryyo, VS Hunter Rundas, SkyTown" but overall, I think I'd give it to Echoes. It has tracks like "Torvus Bog, Torvus Bog Catacombs, Temple Grounds, Mutliplayer(Hunters)" and so many others that make it great, not to mention my favorite Menu Select screen music.

As with the first Metroid Prime and Corruption, I labeled the environment tracks according to the locations on your in-game map, the cutscenes depending on what the text describes on screen and for the boss battles I used VS.(VS. Space Pirates, VS. Amborbis, ect) keeping with the label system of the Official Metroid Prime Soundtrack. For the two commonly used battle themes I used the titles "Minor Boss Battle" which you hear when battling Dark Splinters, Alpha Splinter, Spider Gaurdian; and "Boss Battle" for the larger bosses such as Alpha Blogg, Dark Igsmasher, Grapple Guardian.

All that's left for the remaining Metroid games are Other M, Super Metroid and Metroid Pinball so hopefully we'll have those coming up in the coming weeks.