Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Well, it took me a good three and a half weeks of on and off work but I've finally finished the soundtrack to Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. One reason it took a while was because some of the tracks--mostly the combat/broadcasting alarm tracks--consists of anywhere from 2 to 15 parts. You can tell when playing the game that the combat tracks are made up of smaller portions because when the fighting is over, rather than having a track fade out, the track ends with an abrupt bang; since the combat tracks are so short, they can just transition to the end portion whenever the battle ends. So, that took some time.

Another reason it took a while was that the track titles were in numerical order - track 09335 was towards the beginning of the game and track 15103 was towards the end. Like any other extraction I've done without titles on the files, it's a cumbersome process. The Best way to go about was to play through the game and when I heard the music, note where I was or what event was transpiring and tag the track accordingly.

I think this is the first time, in a game or movie, that I've heard a violin or cello used in an aggressive, hard rock type fashion. When you listen to some of the Broadcasting Alarm tracks, you'll see what I mean. You hear fret slides, palm muting, all kinds of different stuff, Its pretty darn cool.

I wanted to do this because I wasn't able to find a decent rip of the game. There were some on YouTube and other sites but I ultimately came away with 97 tracks in my version(including all of the NIGHTMARE levels) and most of the other rips I've seen had 35 tracks at the most. So, it's safe to say that some tracks were missing.

I was left with 3 tracks that I couldn't find anywhere in the game, so they may just be unused tracks and I placed them at the bottom of the soundtrack(94-97).

If you haven't played The Old Blood yet, do yourself a favor, It's a very solid FPS. The gameplay feels tight, the music can be emotional or completely eerie and nerve-racking at tense moments, the voice work is solid and if you want a real challenge.. play it on ÜBER difficulty ;).