I uploaded the remaining CDs from the 5-part SEGA TUNES release, which consists of special arrangements for ToeJame & Earl, Vectorman, Comix Zone and Virtual Sonic. Composed and arranged by: Howard Drossin(his band Road Kill), John Baker, Jon Holland and Mark Miller.

If you're familiar with SEGA TUNES or have read our earlier post of X-Men 2: Clone Wars, then you know that these albums aren't direct game rips but rather studio recorded versions of the songs from the games. So, they are going to sound different from what you may be used to but that being said, it's worth a listen, there are some pretty good tracks. For Comix Zone, Drossin's band features vocal arrangements which puts an interesting spin on the tracks and Vectorman's upbeat-electronica enhances the original tracks style. You'll find the albums under N-S in downloadable albums.