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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

For our first upload of the new year, we have the third installment in the Metroid Prime series: Corruption. This game is my second favorite of the series but I honestly enjoyed all of them. Corruption (unlike Metroid Prime 1 & 2) features a more narrative driven campaign. It introduces voice acting for the main characters and had Samus working directly alongside the Galactic Federation; as well as other bounty hunters. It may feel like you're less isolated then the previous Metroid installments, because you're periodically getting transmission updates from the Federation and running into the other bounty hunters along the way. I know some felt it was trying to be "Haloesque" and wished for a more open world experience like the first Prime had but from what I've read—being the last game in the series on a new console—Retro Studios wanted to try out a different direction. Even though the first Metroid Prime is still, and will always be my absolute favorite, I thought Corruption turned out to be a very polished and solid game experience overall.

The music uploading process for Corruption was pretty straight forward. Almost identical to the other games, I followed the track tagging of the first Metroid Prime Soundtrack (VS. Space Pirates for an example of Battle Themes. Phaaze or Bryyo for the various planet themes) and it's worked out well. One thing you'll probably notice is I didn't include all of the sound effects this time, such as the "Samus Appearance Jingle", only because they sound almost identical as the other Metroid games I've uploaded. So I felt was kind of redundant to upload them all again. But if you're looking for them, we have them in the other Metroid Soundtracks at the end of the album.

You'll find the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Soundtrack in our archive.

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