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PIANO OPERA music from FINAL FANTASY has just announced additional touring dates for it's concert. If this is your first time hearing of the concert, it's a piano dedication to the music of FINAL FANTASY. The games they focus on are specifically FF VI, VII, VIII and IX. It's supervised by composer Nobuo Uematsu and just as Distant Worlds showcases video clips to play along with the music, this piano concert does as well. If you want a general idea of the songs they play, they list these tracks on their website: Ami, The Man with the Machine Gun, Roses of May, Melodies of Life, Dancing Mad and Cosmo Canyon among others.

For those interested in learning more, head to the Wild Faery website, there you can find out more regarding ticket information and production. You can get a sneek peek of the concert by viewing the world tour trailer below.

I haven't attended this concert as of yet but judging from the trailer it seems to follow the similar pattern of Distant Worlds(albeit more subtle). There is also a special edition release to accompany the concert PIANO OPERA - FINAL FANTASY I-IX [SPECIAL EDITION] (3CD) which includes the previously released Piano Opera CDs in a collection box. If you don't already own the Piano CDs separately.. this is a great album to add to your video game music collection.

Make sure to check it out!

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