'15 Original Game Score of the Year - Nominees

This is the second year now that we're doing our Original Game Score of the Year Award, we got a little bit of a late start this year - especially as the holidays approached - but better late than never!

We listened through dozens of OST's this year and narrowed our nominees down to 5 just as the previous year. All of which are truly fantastic scores and certainly deserve recognition. Running this site and putting these videos together is a labor of love and we're glad to see that people are constantly discovering new video game music and are also able to find video game music on our site that has no official release - after searching to no avail on the internet.

Click on the video above to see and hear our nominees in action and then click on the banner at the top of the page; from there you can sample individual tracks, images from the games, and cast your vote for what you think should be the the Original Video Game Score of the Year!