Metroid: Zero Mission

The next Metroid soundtrack I uploaded is Zero Mission. It was released back in 2004 for the GBA and is one of three Metroid games that I've never got around to playing(Prime hunters & Metroid II being the other two) but I'm really in the mood for a Metroid game, so once I'm finished playing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, I'll definitely be tackling Zero Mission next. It feels like it's been ages since a Metroid game's been released--decent or otherwise..

Anyway, the soundtrack turned out well. In all, it consist of 48 tracks, I had to amplify a few tracks but for the most part, they're of good quality or as good as the sound chip in the GBA can produce. I placed the fanfare tunes at the end of the soundtrack since they're all only 7-15 seconds long, I figured it'd be best to group them together. I love hearing the dark ambiance and subtle melodies of Metroid again, I'm instantly taken back to the great times I've had over the years with the Metroid series.

If you're looking for a good chip-tune soundtrack, you'll find Zero Mission in the archive.