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MilkCan Make it Sweet!

Look at this, more Um Jammer Lammy! I was actually unaware of this album until somebody brought it to my attention. 'MilkCan, Make it Sweet! is essentially a remix album featuring Michele Burks(Voice of Katy Kat). She sings along side of the characters that we know from the game. Most of the songs sound pretty much identical to the source but with Katy Kat in place of Lammy's guitar for some measures. The last song "GOT TO MOVE! (Millennium Girl)" also features Dred Foxx(Parappa the Rapper).

TASTE OF TERIYAKI sounds completely different from the original, the tempo changes from extremely slow to matching the original's and the lyrics are changed around quite a bit. It's also the only song on Make it Sweet! that Katy Kat doesn't sing during(at least, as far as I can tell).

I think my favorite out of them all is FIRE FIRE!! I enjoy the chorus better than the original. It's a lively rendition and you can tell everybody's having fun recording the track. Instead of Chief Puddle singing the chorus "Put it on the fire, real good.." Katy Kat and background vocalist whisper the words in harmony and it sounds, well.. Sweet!

Milkcan Make it Sweet! is uploaded and you'll find it in our archive. Enjoy the fun tracks!

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