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Star Fox (SNES)

Star Fox is one of the few old classics from Nintendo that I hadn't played until years after it's release. I remember spending most of my SNES days with Nintendo games such as Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, Super Metroid, Mario Kart, Super Mario RPG and the Super Scope games; among many others. But years later I finally played it and even though 3D games were well beyond what Star Fox could produce by that time, I was still very impressed by what the SNES was able to dish out in terms of its visuals and sound. Those early 3D vector graphics must have been jaw-dropping back at it's release!

It's been 22 years since Star Fox was released but one things for sure, the music has left a lasting impression. We've heard some of the fantastic re-arrangements on Super Smash Bros and re-recorded versions on Star Fox 64 or the 3DS remake but when I mention Star Fox music to the series fans, the common favorite is always Star Fox for SNES.

I labeled the tracks according to the mission briefing when applicable, instead of just the planet names (i.e. The Battle Base Meteor instead of just Meteor) and I numbered the tracks starting with Route 1, Route 2, then Route 3 with Misc. tracks at the end, to try and give the soundtrack a more official presentation.

You'll find the StarFox SNES Soundtrack in our archive.

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