Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

This upload was straight forward for the most part, the Megaton Edition includes the music from the game in a dedicated folder within the game's files so there wasn't any extracting needed, just converting from ogg format to mp3. There are a few tracks that weren't included in the folder; namely the Bar Theme, Chapter Complete and Duke's Whistle; but I added those myself.

The soundtrack was written by Lee Jackson and Robert C. Prince III (aka Bobby Prince). I tagged them properly for each of the tracks, with the exception of the expansion packs "Duke: Nuclear Winter" and "Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach" because, even though I searched high and low, I couldn't find any reliable information regarding who actually wrote each track. So, I credited both Lee Jackson and Bobby Prince together for those tracks.

For the track titles, most of them already had abbreviations to identify them by, but one of the expansions "Duke: Nuclear Winter" had it's tracks numbered only(1 through 7), so I labeled them according to the level that they're heard in-game.

And.. I guess that's about it. The album's uploaded, so enjoy!