Website update

We've added another section to the website during the week, it's the "Discover" tab on the navigation menu. If you hover over it you'll see our Game Music Awards, Video Playlists, and Popular Music(which we just added). The Popular Music page will display different genres of video game music such as Orchestral(seen in the sample image above), Rock, Electronic, and Vocal. We we're trying to think of ways to make finding new video game music easier, so we decided to categorize the music on our Soundcloud page for a more focused approach.

If you're looking for some new Rock or Orchestral music and would like to sample some of the top songs a particular video game album has to offer, just click play on the featured song to play them all or click on a song in the playlist to hear it. Then, if you wish to download the album or song you just heard, click on the shopping cart logo on the top right of the playlist to be redirected to the page where you can do so.

The video game music library keeps growing so we hope this can be another way to help others in discovering these great scores that may become overshadowed as time goes on.