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Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS/Wii U | A Smashing Soundtrack

Super Smash Bros. for NIntendo 3DS/Wii U - A Smashing Soundtrack is the two-disc soundtrack I received from Club Nintendo for registering the two versions of the game. Both discs contain 36 tracks and in the booklet Nintendo has a footnote saying that the "Red Disc Includes Songs Mainly from the 3DS Version of the Game" and the "Blue Disc Includes Songs Mainly from the Wii U Version of the Game."

As you may know, Super Smash Bros. was one of our nominees for Best Game Score of the Year a few months ago. So it should go without saying, we think very highly of it's soundtrack. The arrangements and original songs are some of the best we've ever heard, not just in 2014, but in gaming music period. We're glad Nintendo offered it as gift though Club Nintendo. It's so professionally done, from the recording quality right down to making sure the arrangers, supervisors or composers are credited in the details.

Now, being that the album only includes two discs, there are a number songs that did not make the cut for the official release. To put it in perspective, the album contains 72 tracks total. Compared to the music in the game music library itself, which is somewhere around 400 tracks(I think it's 437 but I'd have to load up the game to check). So, an ultimate 10-12 Disc or Blu-ray release would be most welcomed Nintendo! I could only imagine the price on that..

Both discs of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U - A Smashing Soundtrack are uploaded at 320kbps and you'll find them in our archive.

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