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GoldenEye 007 N64

It took most of the night; well, of the week; but we now have what I consider to be the most complete upload of the GoldenEye 007 soundtrack. I split the soundtrack into two parts, Part 1: Single-player and Part 2: Multiplayer/Misc. For the first part(feel free to correct me if not), I made sure that the songs are in proper order from the Title Screen to the Ending. For the second, there is no actual order to the tracks since most of the tracks randomly play when you load up a multi-player match. So I used the multi-player grid in the game as a guide to organize them and then mixed the unused tracks in-between. It turned out really well.

Listening through this melodic soundtrack always brings back such fond memories.. and of course, old arguments;)

Oh, I looped each song once or twice depending on how long the track is. Then uploaded them at our usual standard bit-rate of 320kbps. You'll find it on the Goldeneye 007 Soundtrack in our archive. Enjoy!

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