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Super Mario Sunshine

It's been a couple weeks since our last update but just in time for Halloween, we have a rather fitting upload.. Super Mario Sunshine! Nothing says Halloween like a tropical resort, am I right? The reason it took a while to upload is that I had some trouble getting the audio files out of the ISO image(I ripped the game to my PC for the Dolphin emulator). So I had some help and the result is all of the songs from the game EXCEPT the music that plays during the cut-scenes. Unlike some games, the music and sound effects are blended together on the same file so I chose to leave them off the soundtrack and to be honest, we really aren't missing that much. The main songs we hear during our playthrough are all there along with some of the fanfare jingles. Regarding the "Yoshi Versions" of each level, rather than having two separate tracks of say, for example "Pinna Park" I decided to blend the original and Yoshi version together into one track and I think it sounds more natural that way.

One thing I found odd is that Nintendo actually never released an Official Soundtrack for Super Mario Sunshine like they have for Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, and Super Mario 3D World. Maybe they didn't think it was worthy enough or perhaps they didn't have the time to put together an OST? Well probably never know why but I just found that, very Nintendo like...

The Super Mario Sunshine Soundtrack is uploaded in the archive. The music was composed by both Koji Kondo & Shinobu Tanaka. It's a different feel compared to prior Super Mario Soundtracks. More, environmental and beat driven. Less melodic in my opinion. Still, It's a very enjoyable score!

Enjoy all and Happy Halloween!

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