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The Official Soundtrack to No More Heroes was released in 2008 and composed by Masafumi Takadaand Jun Fukuda. Earlier this week, I spent some time searching the web hoping to find a source to purchase the 3-Disc OST but to no avail, it is out-of-print everywhere I've checked. I did, however, find one new copy being sold on a look. Yes, that's $2000.00. I've never seen a Video Game Soundtrack go for that high of a price before. You would think for an album with that much value, it would be available from an online distributor. So, I've uploaded the Soundtrack to the site but I did notice in the game's audio files that there were a handful of tracks not included in the OST.

After some searching it turns out that the tracks I found are variations of the hit single "Heavenly Star" which was part of a musical and visual project called Genki Rockets (created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Kenji Tamai). Heavenly Star was first featured in the 2006 game Lumines II, in the 2008 game No More Heroes, then in the 2011 rhythm action game Children of Eden. The song Heavenly Star and it's remixes are available to purchase as an EP online. Therefore, I will not be uploading them but Click Here if you wish to purchase the album online. There are a few songs not included on the album, such as an instrumental version of "12 - The virgin child makes her wish without feeling anything" and the outdoor versions of another few songs that are exactly the same as their counterparts, except they sound a bit muffled but not exactly worth uploading. Which is a good sign that Masafumi Takada and Jun Fukuda included every worthwhile track in the OST. Kudos to the audio team and maybe one day we'll see a proper upload on one or more of the online distributors. To this day, I still rock out to the NO MORE HEROES Theme. Seriously, if you want to hear one of the best rock tracks in gaming, check it out.

For now, NO MORE HEROES Original Sound Tracks is available in the archive. Enjoy!

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