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Final Fantasy Vocal Collections Vol.1 -PRAY-

Final Fantasy: Pray is the first of the Vocal Collections series composed by Nobuo Uematsu and Ririko Yamabuki. It consists of vocal arrangements from earlier Final Fantasy pieces such as: Music Box (FFV), Matoya's Cave (FF), Tina (FFVI) and The Boundless Ocean (FFIII)--My personal favorites from the album. I actually was surprised when I discovered Pray, I remember browsing around a couple years ago looking for a new Final Fantasy album to listen to when I came across it. I've become accustomed to the various orchestral arrangements by that point but I've never heard of the Vocal Collections and I was pleasently surprised. It's not exacly the best Final Fantasy album ever produced but it's certainly unique in that four languages are used throughout the 11-tracks and I'm not currently aware of another Video Game Album that's even similar.

The album was re-printed in 2004 but It seems to be out-of-print again. There are used copies floating around Ebay and as of this moment two new copies but beware.. if you read the user reviews some of their albums seem to be counterfeit copies. I've already been burned by that back when I first purchased the Final Fantasy VII Original Score and I think it was somewhere around $60.. So, I can't say I was happy about that but FINAL FANTASY Vocal Collections Vol.1 -PRAY- is uploaded and you'll find it in our archive.

One last thing, here's a neat little note regarding Final Fantasy: Pray by composer and producer Nobuo Uematsu that's been translated from Japanese (Thanks finalfantasy.wikia).

Praying makes people content.

Praying makes people calm

People pray for what they don't have

It could be health, love, or even money.

Writing music is praying for me.

I present myself the love, care, and other forgotten feelings which I must give myself.

I am balancing my feelings by doing so

Praying is any harmony directed outwards

When people harmony backwards, praying turns into cursing.

Why should we go backwards?

Look forward.

Don't be afraid to pray for what you want.

Pray for your own self.

Everything starts in that moment.

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