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Happy 4th of July. The Site Is Now Enabled.

Well, the day is finally here!

It took a lot of work but I finally enabled all pages of the site to the public. I spent a good part of the morning double-checking the links to make sure there were no broken ones but unsurprisingly.. there was a few broken links. So, I fixed those and everything seems good to go. Of course if anybody comes across something I may have missed, please bring it to our attention so I can repair it.

I'm still working on new additions to the site, including ways to browse for an album based on release date or composer. That will take some time so finish but I'll continue to work on it in the background.

I remember back in guitar glass over 10 years ago when my music teacher would ask me if I had any songs to bring in and I remember searching the internet trying to find video game music that I wanted to play. I wish at the time that Amazon Music, YouTube, iTunes, Soundcloud or any number of sites were available back then because other than file sharing networks, there was really no way of finding video game music. Today, we do have those sites but as someone who has been researching video game music for quite some time I've found: albums out of print, songs excluded from digital albums, bootleg albums sold online that look like the real thing until further examined, or video games that did not receive a musical release, are virtually nowhere to be found. That's why I created this site, I've been uploading those albums onto the site for others to find. There are other sites offering video game music downloads but a problem I have with those sites is that sometimes the tracks are often unlabeled(Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, ect.); are missing the composer(s) or artist(s); are missing the album art; and more often than not, are missing music tracks from the game.

Now that the site is up, I'm hoping to make Video Game Music easy to find and more accessible to the main-stream. I'm passionate about Video Game Music and care deeply of it's discovery to the masses. I've slowly been introducing people I know, that do not play video games, into video game music and most of them can't believe how much they've been missing. And boy, does that bring me joy! There are so many great songs out there waiting to be discovered, and I hope this site helps.

Welcome to Video Game Scores.

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