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Weekly Game Vinyl Releases

Hey everybody!

This is the first week of our new "Weekly Game Vinyl Releases"(perhaps, we'll shorten that title in due time) articles. If you follow us on Instagram, you're probably familiar with our periodic "New Vinyl Release" posts. These articles will be similar but will cover the gamut. For the number of vinyl release in a given week, we couldn't keep up by posting new photo's each time and for limited releases, our posts would sometime come too late.

The articles will be posted here each Thursday. Why Thursday? Well, because the most common days for most Video Game Vinyl releases is Thursday and Friday—Limited Run Games, Brave Wave Studios, Laced Records, Minimum Records and Stumpy Frog Records; just to name a few outlets. Of course, there are other days during the week when new vinyls are released but considering I usually only have enough time during the week for one update... We'll get the most bang for our buck during Thursday.

Now, there may be a week here or there that we skip an update but that should only be if there are very few releases—or perhaps, not any at all—that week or if there are not any limited releases, that may sell out quickly. Whichever the case, I'll do my best to keep this thread up to date!

Without further ado, here are the newest Video Game Vinyl releases this pass week!


The Yetee

Pressed on TropicalSunburst vinyl! Finally, the long-awaited Yetee Records release to Tribute Games' retro-inspired run 'n' gun shooter is here to rock your set-up with a rhythmic onslaught of overdrive guitars, pulse-pounding percussion, and melodic keyboard magic! All music composed by Patrice Bourgeault! Jacket artwork by Stéphane Boutin.

Limited Edition. Includes instant 320kbps MP3 digital download of Mercenary Kings OST at checkout


Light in the Attic

First official LP release of the soundtrack of the Nintendo 64 “Doshin the Giant”, “In The Wake Of Doshin, the Giant” by Tatsuhiko Asano. The music in Doshin The Giant is an incredible mix of exotica, ambient and more!

Remastered for vinyl by Kuniyuki Takahashi.


Lakeshore Records

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn Of Ragnarök (Original Game Soundtrack) by Stephanie Economou & Einar Selvik

Double LP on 'Gold With Yellow Splatter’ vinyl, with Gatefold Jacket and Printed Inner Sleeves.

"Einar Selvik and Stephanie Economou thrill us with the main theme of the Dawn of Ragnarök expansion”

"Composed by the talented Stephanie Economou… with Einar Selvik… The result is a treat”


Streets of Rage 4 Mr. X Nightmare Vinyl Soundtrack

The "Mr. X Nightmare" soundtrack was composed by acclaimed video game musician Tee Lopes. The vinyl soundtrack includes a 12inch record with 12 riveting tracks, a download code for digital tracks, and an insert with artwork and liner notes by Lopes.


Stumpy Frog Records

The music to the IGF Grand Prize-winning Umurangi Generationis an eclectic collection of hip hop beats, urban breaks, cold synths, and chill urban vibes.

This hand-numbered release collects 48 tracks selected by composer ThorHighHeels, taken from the base game and its Macro expansion. This colored double vinyl release includes new artwork on a gatefold jacket by developer Veselekov, along with exclusive developer/composer notes and inner sleeve art by artist YRN.


Black Screen Records

Black Screen Records and Kaizen Game Works have once again teamed up to release Barry "Epoch" Topping's new album About That... Paradise Killer B-Sides - featuring three new songs, vocal tracks, instrumental versions, remixes and piano arrangements and a lot of amazing guests (Fiona Lynch, Kyle Murray-Dickson, Fabian Hernandez, Ged Cartwright, Thomas Temple, MEEBEE and Okumura) - on limited edition violet with gorgeous cover art by José Salot.


Eastward (Original Soundtrack) [Board Game Edition]

iam8bit is proud to present this Exclusive Collector’s Edition of the soundtrack on 2xLP vinyl, pairing the delicious dish of the game’s music, with a Custom-Created Board Game from acclaimed designer Erich Meyr (Squanch Games, Insomniac Games) and illustrator Ryan Brinkerhoff. This cooperative tabletop game sees players working together to rescue villagers and defeat enemies, racing against a sinister miasma that threatens to engulf the world — complete with 12x24 built-in gatefold board, 15 food cards, 10 item cards, and 4 unique playable character standees.


Limited Run Games

Unpacking 2LP Vinyl Soundtrack

Unpacking is a zen game about the familiar experience of pulling possessions out of boxes and fitting them into a new home. Part block-fitting puzzle, part home decoration, you are invited to create a satisfying living space while learning clues about the life you’re unpacking. Over the course of eight house moves, you are given a chance to experience a sense of intimacy with a character you never see and a story you’re never told.

Get the Unpacking Soundtrack on a 2LP Vinyl by BAFTA award-winning composer & audio director Jeff van Dyck.


Respawned Records

Available April 1st in five varients: Jiggy Yellow(200 Copies), Bird Red(300 Copies), Bear Mix(300 Copies), Black(100 Copies) and Grunty(100 Copies).

Limited quantities will be available at checkout to be signed and personalized by composer Grant Kirkhope!




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