2019 Electronic Track of the Year

February 10, 2020

It's here! The first of our 2019 Video Game Music Awards is the Electronic Track of the Year. Which, over the years, has featured a plethora of genres including: Trance, Dubstep, Techno, Drum and Bass, House, Electronic Ambient, and of course the latest Hybrids just to name a few. This is our third year featuring this category and we've heard many memorable tracks over the past couple awards we've done. One of the biggest rewards for us, has been to draw attention not only to the tracks from AAA games but lesser known independent titles as well. It hard work every year to come away with only five nominees with so much talent in the video game space but here are our choices for the best Electronic Video Game Music of 2019. We'll update the description with timestamps, nominees and winners after a week or so. To give everyone a chance of seeing our choices without spoiling anything. We hope you enjoy.



We're going to reveal the rest the nominees and winners of our categories a bit differently than the past. Instead of uploading every one at once or, as we have last year, upload one each day. We're going to upload a new award video and reveal the winner each Sunday night this month into early next month. It builds suspense and hopefully keeps you coming back to the site to check the latest videos. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel as well so you don't miss out on our music projects we put together throughout the year!

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