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Halloween Playlist Vol. 3

Happy Halloween! I was hoping to have Vol. 3 of our Halloween Playlists wrapped up over a week ago but it's been a busy month—especially with our Video Game Music Awards coming up—at least we got it finished in time for All Hallows Eve. In 2017, our Halloween Playlist Vol. 2 contained some of the best Halloween Themed Video Game Songs we could possibly find, so I knew it would be a difficult task to top the previous playlist but I think Vol. 3 does a commendable job. Rather than include more popular Video Games Tracks as we did before, we wanted to focus on lesser known tracks in this volume. Tracks that are perfect for the background of a Halloween party, with a spooky/campy vibe. Not necessarily heart-pounding horror tracks with an abrasive jump scare feeling(we have a separate video for that coming next year). We wanted to keep it fun for people of all ages.

For Vol. 3, we ended up 31-tracks, clocking in at about an hour and ten minutes of music. As with Vol. 2, we continued the trend of ending the playlist with a Halloween themed vocal track and let's just say, this one's quite obscure. We have plenty of eye-candy(get it? yum) in this volume as well. The overlay contains the track title and game the track is from in Halloween fonts, as well as: pumpkins, autumn leaves, fog, spiders and a haunted castle to keep things spirited. One reason this took a little longer than expected was that instead of using still screenshots with only a small amount of video as we did in Vol. 2, we really wanted to use all captured game play; as we did for our first volume; this time around—in HD if possible. Even more, we wanted to play the exact level or event where the music in the featured in-game. In the end, I think it turns out well. There were a couple more tracks I wish we could have included that had to be cut for time purposes but they will have to be saved for another Halloween. This is our favorite time of the year, everything from the orange lights, outdoor decorations, fall weather and of course.. Candy. We hope you enjoy the music we put together this year and make sure to check out our Halloween Playlist Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 if you haven't had the chance, you'll find some great tunes. And don't worry, we're still working on upload request from you guys.

I also wanted to mention, we did not forget about some of the Halloween tracks that were recommended by you. We have something a little.. different planned for next year and we're saving some of those tracks for then:)

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