2018 Original Game Score of the Year Awards.

October 2, 2018

Just a quick reminder we wanted to put out there, we've moved up the deadline for our awards this year to October 31. The reason being that last year, we accepted a handful of soundtrack submissions into late November and it felt like we had to speed listen through the soundtracks to review them, which we don't like to do because it's easy to overlook a track if we lose our focus on the music and are instead focusing on trying to cram in as many soundtracks as possible to get everything finished on time. We love video game music and believe every original game score deserves a fair shake, so October 31 gives us some lead way when creating our award videos and everything else released in November and December will be moved into next year. We originally had said October 20 but we decided to make it the end of October. Another reason for the move is we're also looking into creating an additional category or two, that adds to the extra time we need to review and compare the submitted albums, record the lines, create the videos and get them uploaded onto our Youtube Channel.


I also wanted to mention website updates. As you may have noticed, we've also recently added a Reviews Button, which includes our Concert Reviews as well as Hardware and Software Reviews. We don't have a ton of free time to post reviews regularly but occasionally we do review hardware or video game music and that's where you'll find them.


Another thing we changed is the comments portion of each page at the bottom of the screen. There used to be a place to post comments for Facebook sign-in only but now it's updated with options for: Facebook, Google +, Twitter or just your name or e-mail if that's what you prefer.


And that's all for now. If you have any questions or comments regarding 2018 Original Video Game Score submissions or just generally about our site, be sure to leave them below or you can contact us at VideoGameScores@live.com.

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