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KNACK II Original Soundtrack

KNACK II was released in September of 2017 exclusively for PlayStation 4. It's created by Sony Interactive Entertainment and the soundtrack is composed by Anthony Willis(Rio 2, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Despicable Me 2). I've only played the first KNACK game(and only a couple levels worth) but from what I've read the sequel seems to be an improvement over the first. It's too bad that the IP never really bloomed like Sony was hoping for but perhaps if there's ever a third attempt(of which I'm doubtful). I noticed that the score is no longer available to purchase online. It was once on iTunes, Amazon and PSN(PlayStation Network) but it was pulled a couple months ago and has yet to return. It's an average but enjoyable score overall, there a couple tracks we enjoyed from last year, such as: The Clocktower, Parting of the Ways and The Treaty of Newhaven.

The KNACK II Original Soundtrack is uploaded in MP3 and you'll find it in the archive.

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