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TRON Evolution

TRON Evolution was released in November of 2010 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows and PlayStation Portable. It was developed by: Propaganda Games, GameStar and SuperVillain Studios. The musical score was written by three well-known composers: Sascha Dikiciyan(Mass Effect, Borderlands 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided), Cris Velasco(God of War, Mass Effect, Overwatch), and Kevin Manthei(Twisted Metal Black, City of Villains, Star Trek Online).

Back in 2010, iam8bit pressed about 200 copies of the 7-track vinyl soundtrack for TRON Evolution which is unfortunately no longer available. It was the first vinyl released by iam8bit and now goes for, get this.. $500-1,000. It's rare you find them on auction sites or for sale but I remember seeing one for about $800 a while back and said to myself, that has to be a misprint. You'd have to be a true, unwavering, die-hard TRON Evolution fan to fork out that much dough.

There's no extracting involved here, the music files are .wav encoded. It's just a matter of properly editing, labeling and numbering the soundtrack. I identified the tracks by using the txt file within the games folders. One thing I noticed though is that there were 16 duplicate tracks that weren't mentioned in that txt file. I'm not sure what they are used for but I generally do not like to include redundant tracks in our uploads, so I left them out. There were only 4 or 5 tracks that I blended together instead of leaving them separate(TRON_Trailer_30secloop_1,3,4 and TRON_Abraxas_30secloop3,4,5), that's because they blend together that way in-game and rather than have a handful of similar tracks, I thought it best to place them together. At first, I contemplated leaving the tracks in no particular order just to save time and get the soundtrack uploaded but then I decided to do this thing right. It looks like a mess with the tracks in incorrect order, so every track is placed in the order heard while playing the game. I wanted to mention the Credits tracks. The Credits Music consists of two tracks: The Tron Codex and Spiritual Ambience. They repeat back to back two or three times until the credits finish rolling but you hear them earlier in-game so that's why they're separated and placed before the end. I did not include The Grid or Derezzed because, as most of you know by now, we do not include music that's been officially released and is available to purchase online. Both of those tracks are inlcuded on the TRON Legacy Score written by Daft Punk.

As far as I can tell—maybe somebody could shed some light on this—the tracks TronIntroB, Disc Room Music 01, LightBike_2 and Tron_Ambient_2 seem to be unused. I've double-checked all of the placements in the files and do not see anywhere those tracks are played. So, I mixed them into the soundtrack order where I thought they make the most sense.

I labeled the tracks according to the titles used in the txt file but renamed them, for instance "TRON Ambient A" instead of "Tron_Amb1_A_Intro" for a cleaner appearance. I also decided to include the locations when applicable to make the tracks easier to identify.

I didn't include the mixes that Sasha Dikiciyan has on his own SoundCloud - he does have very good arrangements of multiple tracks, so make sure to check those out. Such as; Enter the Grid is The Tron Codex track but at the 1:30 mark Enter the Grid transitions to another track for the final minute; I'm unsure of the track on the first half of The Chaos Complex but the second half is Tron_Arena_1(Sentry); The_end_of_Everything is the same unmixed track from the game; and finally, Flynn's Lament I believe is the music to the cut-scene later in the game during a long discussion with Flynn.

There are a handful of tracks that Sasha has listed as "Unreleased" and I'm assuming that means that they weren't used for the Vinyl I mentioned earlier because they are certainly used in the game. Sentry #1 is played while Escaping Clu's Sentries and Tron derrez is played while in the Master Line Control Room as an example.

But there we have it. The TRON Evolution Soundtrack is uploaded in both FLAC and MP3. Enjoy!

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