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Welcome to the New Website!

Hey everybody. I know I said we'd have the site ready by the weekend but there were a handful of last minute changes we needed to make; you know how that works. With that being said.. Welcome to Video Game Scores! If this is your first time visiting, head over to the About Us page to learn about what we do on this site, the goals we strive for and some guidelines we have for those posting comments.

For the most part, we wanted to keep the layout the same as the old website but with more streamlined features and updated esthetics. The Downloadable Albums section is split into five alphabetized sections(0-C, D-H, I-M, N-S & T-Z) and contains: Composers, Vocals(when applicable), Release date, Game that the music is from, as well as the Platforms or Systems the game is released on.

Unlike the old site, we do not yet have the purchasable albums section up yet but that's something we're shooting for by summer. We had approximately 500 links to online shops where video game music can be purchased and while a majority can be found on Amazon, iTunes or Google Play, there are fair amount of scores that are only available on smaller sites such as Bandcamp, Sumthing Music, eMusic, Loudr, ect. And our links allowed a quick, simple way to track down video game music. So we're working on that.

Our Original Game Score of the Year page—which contains our choices for the best music the video game industry has to offer—is still being constructed but once finished, will display our nominees and winners from 2014 to 2017. I also thought I'd mention that this year the ability to cast votes for the video game score of the year by site members will be returning, as was requested.

-What's New: Our updated forum section now allows more control over the user accounts. Your old Username and Password login will no longer work, you can either create a new username or sign-in with your Facebook or Google + accounts. Once signed-in, you can attach images and files to forum posts as well as add an image to your user profile. There are also other additions such as "like" buttons, socials sharing, comment ratings and private reply's. We have four categories to post in as of now but could add more down the road. We currently have: Upload Requests, Missing Tracks, Feedback and Music Discussion available. Also, for those of you who left unfulfilled requests in our old forums.. fear not. We haven't forgotten them and we plan on working on those projects as soon as we are possibly able to. There was also a popular request to add a FLAC option to our earlier uploads(2014-2015). We have re-ripped most of those albums from our CD sources and have begun uploading the FLAC versions. You can now also post comments onto our article updates by using your Facebook login as an option. Other buttons available are the commonly used share, like and re-post features.

And.. I think that's about it for now. We'll probably be updating this post so check back later. Hope you all like the changes and be sure to let us know if there are any site related issues you encounter.

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