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Halloween Playlist Vol. 2

Originally, we weren't planning on putting together a playlist this Halloween but then came the fall weather, festive lighting, ghosts and pumpkins popping up everywhere; next thing we know, we're working on a playlist! This next volume is much larger than our first—which was only 5 tracks and a mere 15 minutes long—Vol. 2 is over an hour long and contains 25 tracks. Rather then just picking a handful of tracks and spending most of the time primarily sifting through hours worth of video content to sync with the music as we've done before, this time our primary goal was to focus on adding music that has the most... Halloween feel to it and then place a few snapshots along with some short video clips here and there. Regarding the first track in the playlist(Gothic Tileset - TimeSplitters 2) I could find zero screenshots or video clips in HD online, so I had to input the Action Replay code to make the Gothic Tileset available(it's labeled as number 4 in-game) and then open up the Mapmaker and create a level from scratch to be able to capture some screenshots and video. A few hours of unforeseen work but I think it turned out really well and gotta admit... It was fun playing around with the map maker..

To make sure we have a little something for everybody, we've included spooky tracks from newer titles such as Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle(my latest time-consumer) and tracks from great old classics such as The 7th Guest. If haven't heard "Skeletons In My Closet" yet.. Go give it a listen, It's the final track on the playlist and a really fun vocal song. There are no tracks from horror games included because we wanted this to be Halloween centered and not so much a heart-pounding surprise or jump-scare playlist; maybe one day we'll put together one of those as well. We also added some cheesy foreground effects such as pumpkins illuminating, fog and autumn leaves blowing by to try and make it feel more like Halloween while you listen. We always create playlists with the intent of aiding other in discovering video game music that you may have never listen to before and this one is no different. There are plenty of great songs here and hopefully you will find some to add to your own personal playlist.

Hope you enjoy it and in case we don't have an update next Tuesday.. Happy Halloween!

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